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Energy Efficient Beach House at Port Fairy

Sustainable Beach House
Sustainable Beach House
Sustainable Beach House
Sustainable Beach House

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Our clients approached us to design them a family beach home on Eastern Beach at Port Fairy. The site was unique in that it had ocean frontage and the site next door was to be developed with a covenant restricting the type of development that was possible for the adjoining site. Both homes were developed using the same materials, roof lines and while both are very different in internal style they work very much in harmony with one another on the site. Extensive use was made of wave forms by curving the window frames, cladding and internal structures.

The kitchen has a round skylight which is a stunning feature above the curved breakfast bar. The second level living spaces act as a mezzanine giving the apperanace of a boat deck. It gives the building a very sculptural feel and makes for an exciting experience.

The home is approx 200 square metres in area and comprises 3 bedrooms, a large open plan living kitchen and dining space facing the ocean, and an earth covered garage .The clients have built the home as a family beach house that they will ocassionally rent out.

The only heating required is a very efficient gas wall furnace heater , in the daytime the winter sun streams through the long north axis of the home. All windows are double glazed. The building has a concrete slab and is constructed from a combination of rendered hebel blockwork and cypress macrocarpa weatherboards. The colours and finishes were selected with a beach feel, the external walls are a very light sand colour with the occasional section of a deep charcoal blue. The macrocarpa cladding will weather to a silver grey. The cedar windows are sealed and left the natural cedar colour.

In summer close attention has been made to shading the sun before it enters the building with sails, screens and pull down blinds. Another feature is careful window placement for maximum cross flow ventilation. The bedrooms and living rooms have ceiling fans for hot summer nights.But so far the night sea breezes have meant they have not been required. The floors feature timber overlay boards in plantation sugar gum and cabinets utilize recycled Victorian Ash and New Age Veneer timbers. The wall tiles are a soft handmade blue from Fire & Clay with mosaic inserts by the owners son. The entry wall features a glass inset which houses sea shells illuminated at night.

The home is well insulated with R3.0 polyester woolbatts in the ceiling and R1 .5 batts in the walls, with sarking. The roof has Aircell insulative wrap as well. Weather stripping is used to seal all doors and windows.

The home has a solar hot water service and AAA rated and energy efficient appliances. Ligtfittings are energy efficient and discrete.
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