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Sustainable home at Birragurra.

Sustainable Home at Birragurra Sustainable Home at Birragurra Sustainable Home at Birragurra Sustainable Home at Birragurra

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This home performs on the leading edge of energy efficiency, rating top score of 43 point on First Rate House Energy Rating which exceeds the maximum rating tools available, giving equivalent to an 8 Star on a First Rate 5 design tool. The home requires minimal heating and no additional cooling. Temperature variation is between 18 and 28 degrees regardless of external temperatures

Energy Efficiency
House is North facing to maximize solar efficiency
Concrete slab to create thermal mass
Double glazed windows and doors
Effective seals on all windows and doors.
High quality Aircell insulation supported by standard bats in walls with Tyvek wrap and R4.0 polyester batts in ceiling
Adjustable external shade blinds and sails for all glass surfaces facing west and north.
The house was rated at 43 points on energy efficiency rating scale (5 star rating is 19 points).
Effective cross flow ventilation through thoughtful window placement and supported by ceiling fans in summer.
The compact floor plan means maximum space utilization and aids greatly in enhancing the energy performance of the building

Slow combustion wood heater
Rinnai gas heater provides short boost when needed in winter (Friday night arrival)

Solar grid interactive power system
12 x 165 watt BP solar panels (1.98 kilowatts) mounted on a roof structure integrated into the house design.
Sunnyboy grid interactive inverter provides capacity to feed excess power into the main grid, at a feed-in tariff of .60 cents per kilowatt hour (set by the Victorian Government).
Estimated to provide 70% of the owners annual electricity demand (assuming full time occupancy).

Hot water system
Evacuated twin glass tube solar hot water technology and ready hot recirculation system to minimize water usage.
The Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collector works in all seasons and is much more efficient than solar panels. They aren't dependent on direct sunlight, which means they work in cloudy conditions. As the tubes are round, they passively track the sun, providing stable heat output.

Light fittings and appliances
All lighting and appliances are energy and water efficient with at least AAA or 4.5 star ratings.
Clothes drying rack that can be elevated to take advantage of warm air near the ceiling of the laundry is a great alternative to a conventional clothes dryer.

Water supply and waste management/grey water system
Water tanks on the property provide 47,000 litres capacity
Mains supply connection to provide back-up during dry spells.
The “Biolytix” waste water treatment plant is an advanced system which creates its own ecosystem of microbes and composting worms. It utilizes very little power and requires minimal maintenance. It not only treats sewerage but produces clean grey-water for the garden irrigation system. It is an Australian design and further details can be obtained from the website: HYPERLINK ""

Sustainably sourced materials
Reinforcement. Smorgons ARC steel which has a recycled component
Eco Blend Cement
Framing – Plantation pine
Cladding - Silvertop shiplap cladding 110 x19mm from Radial Timber Sales the timber is milled by a radial sawing process which maximizes use of the whole log
Internal wall cladding Austral Plywoods: A-C Hoop pine interior ply from plantation sources
Decking - Dressed Silvertop decking boards from Radial Timber Sales
Skylights: 2 / 550x 980mm Velux fixed skylights with high performance double glazing and photochromatic glass
Extensive draft proofing to windows and doors
Ace Leaf diverters in zinc alum to all downpipes
Exhust fans with backdraft inhibitors
Ceiling sweep fans to circulate air on hot summer days
Recycled Karri to internal architraves
Recycled spotted gum overlay flooring
Kitchen recycling bin – Franke Sorter
Hoop Pine Veneer Brimsply doors to all cabinets
Reconstituted stone benchtop Caesar Stone 2141
Internal paint: Wattyl ID Environmental paint

Fridge Fisher & Paykel 5 Star fridge
Dishwasher: Miele slimline 450w x 850 G611-3 S suitable for a small family
Gas Heater : Rinnai flued gas heater, Model No 557FTR
Slow Combustion Heater : Kemlan Tempo Stack
Oven : Ilve 800mm freestanding gas oven
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AirCell & Tyvek

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